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Adding Fields Not Working With Cascading Dropdown Values



I have a Submission form that has a Dropdown for "Product" and the next field uses a Cascading Dropdown for "Price".  The following fields are "Additional Charges" and "Discounts".  I want the next field to Total the previous three.


I have placed the following code in the Footer of the Submission form:



function summation()
var Cost = document.getElementById("InsertRecordPrice").value;
var Additional_Charge = document.getElementById("InsertRecordAdditional").value;
var Disc = document.getElementById("InsertRecordDiscount").value;
var Total_Invoice = parseFloat(Cost) + parseFloat(Additional_Charge) + parseFloat(Disc);
document.getElementById("InsertRecordTotal").value = Total_Invoice;
When Price is a cascading dropdown, I do not get a value in the "Total" field.  If I change price to a standard dropdown with custom values the above script works perfectly.
In a perfect world, I really don't need a cascading dropdown for Price if I could figure another way to get the number into the field.  The dropdowns are from a separate table called with the product name as column 1 and price as column 2.
Any ideas on why this would be misbehaving?
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If you have a dropdown and cascading you should refer to them by name since each time page loads the ID changes. So you need to have:





I could not get the statement to work, until I played around with the parent dropdown.  I had both a static value "Select" with an empty value and the table of values.  I changed the empty value to "0" and it started working.


On another note, I had posted the question twice since I didn't see it appear on the forum for a few days so assumed I did something wrong when I posted.  The second post was answered as well with a different solution that works as well.  Thank you for the reply!

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