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Help With Simple Attendance



Hi All,


I have been racking my brain and customer service support to come up with a simple solution for attendance.


On the Surface its seems straight forward, but i cant get figure out how to implement on Caspio.


The scenraio;


You have 10 members that meet every Wednesday at a location. One member takes attendance.  


What i would like to happen from my iphone is in one submission form do the following


1) Click off all the members who are in attendance

2) Place a date

3) Pick a location


What i would like to happen on the back end


1) Member Record is updated with where or not they where in attendance

2) The event table or date table to show the date and list all the members that were or were not in attendance



I can do this so easily with Bento by filemaker at that is a simple $40 program.  I would so much like this to be done with caspio because other members then can have access to take attendance if the attendance person is not there.


Any advise would be appreciated 



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I'm not sure if my way is the best way (honestly, I'm not sure if it's a good way), but this is a solution:


The first table is "Event", where the data of events is stored. If it's required - there is a separate table "Places" and a relationship between tables.


Another table is "Members", it contains fields like

Id - autonumber;

Event - Number - Integer, it contains the Id of events;

Fields for every member - e.g.,

John - Yes/No;

Smith - Yes/No;



A user creates an Event in the Event table, then he opens a Submission form, and he sees all members as separated check boxes.


It is very hard to maintain these tables, because you need to edit the design of the Members table every time, when the list of members is changed.

But it is easy to work with events, if the list of members is not changed often.

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