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Full Page Report Layout To See And Edit Extensive Member Profile



I am looking for a tutorial/video on how to layout a report format that can be edited. I have an extensive member profile that will be viewed and updated by the end user on almost every visit. It is essentially a member dashboard on my site. I want to fit close to 100 elements (mostly text) on a page separated in categories like a medical chart. Any examples of similar work would be appreciated.

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One thing you can do is: when a user logs in, you can show different tabs (navigation tabs) that are specific to each category of the user profile. For example, imagine on the top or left side of the web page tabs such as: "personal info", "allergies", etc. Each tab will open up a different update form datapage inside your Caspio account. In other words, each tab will be a separate web page and each web page will have a different Update DataPage embedded. 


I'm not sure how you've set up your table, but if you've done it like this: 


where you have one table, you can have a multipage form created for your users. Embed each form to a separate web page in order to complete this type of a setup. 


Good luck! 

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Hello Idukes,


You can see an example of about 25 elements on the Demo page of Order Management App of Instant Apps.


You can see an example of an editable page (but with only 8 elements) on the Demo page of Task Management App of Instant Apps.

Username: alices

Password: pass1


If I understand correctly, the good way is to use Update Forms or Reports with edited Details Pages (links go to How To articles).


Also, there are the videos Create a Web Form and Building a Report.
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