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Sql Empty Values In Calculation Returning Error In Formula


I have a formula that is returning an Error in Formula because it is calculating all blank entries. I've tried to replace the blank with a '0' when it finds all empty values. The formula should return a 0% when the calculation finds all empty values. Here is what I have that is not working:


case when count(*) = 0
then 0
else count(*)
end as (sum(IsNull(Accident_Injured,0))+sum(IsNull(Accident_InjuriesYes,0))+sum(IsNull(Accident_Damage,0))+sum(IsNull(Accident_Flipped,0)))/(count(Accident_Injured)+count(Accident_InjuriesYes)+count(Accident_Damage)+count(Accident_Flipped))
from RA_Received
where Date>=N'[@BeginDate]' AND Date<=N'[@EndDate]' AND PreCall_SupervisorLocation='[@Location]' AND PreCall_Supervisor='[@Supervisor]' AND PreCall_AC='[@AC]'

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