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Advice On Set Up Needed



ok im not a total dummy with technology but at same time im not into programming, i wold like to explain my breif and what im looking to do and if poss it would be great if you guys could tell me if its possible


im  a leader of a online gaming community of abut 500-600 players, and im trying to see if it would be possable to set up an online  form, so i  can collect  information such as the game names, levels, clans, unit levels and  above all the time zones ect that they play,, i would like to either do a document and place it on our facebook page so they can fill in the online form click submit, and the data gets transferred to an excel spreadsheet,,, if its not possable to do this through or on a facebook group page then could someone please be kind enough to sugest  different way i could have this set up,  really sorry if my question appears noob,,, but this would really assist me in what i do,,, thanks  again



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Hello fugitive,


If I understand correctly your goal, you can create a Submission Web Form and add the link to your Facebook page.

Then any user will be able to add his information. Also you can create an Update Form and a user will be able to edit information.


Then you can create a Report DataPage that will display all information.

It is like spreadsheet, I think.


You can read more about DataPages in the How To.

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This is definitely possible. The submission form as Jan stated can be placed as a link on your facebook page if you select "Direct Deployment" when the page is ready to go.


As far as having this information transferred to excel, there are many ways to accomplish this. I would suggest using Caspio web services for an ODBC like plugin for excel as it is the most convenient. You can also use Datahub services to have a nightly expost as a csv to an FTP server of your choosing. Another option, as Jan stated, is using a search and report page which will display all or filtered records and can provide a link to download the results to excel. This feature can be found in the "Search Results Options" page in the "Advanced" tab by selecting "Enable users to download search results". Finally you can use the Caspio Bridge Table to see an excel-like view of your database.


Hope this helps.

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