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Button To Create Dates In Fields

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Hi all,


I need a little help- I am creating a simplified scheduling app and have a submission form with 5 different dates fields.  I would like the user to have the option to fill the dates into each field manualy or press a button that would prefill the dates.


Example: the user would fill in the InputDate1 field and press the button, the other fields would then be filled as follows: InputDate2 = InputDate1 + 1, InputDate3=InputDate2+1 etc


lastle I would like to add code that looks to see if Date is a Sunday and if so adds an additional day (so no schedules are on Sunday).


--any assistance would be appreciated!

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Hello James,


If I understand correctly, you can add HTML-block after your first Date field.

On the Advanced tab of the first Date, select the "Continue next element on the same line" check box.


And enter the code like following into the HTML-block:


function nextDate(baseDate)
     var base_day = baseDate.getDate();
     base_day = base_day + 1;
     var next_Date = new Date (baseDate.setDate(base_day));
     var week_day = next_Date.getDay();
     if (week_day==0)
          base_day = base_day + 1;
          var next_Date2 = new Date (next_Date.setDate(base_day));
return next_Date;

function setFormat(next_Date)
     var d_month = next_Date.getMonth() + 1;
     if (d_month<10) {d_month = "0" + d_month;}
     var d_day = next_Date.getDate();
     if (d_day<10) {d_day = "0" + d_day;}
     var d_year = next_Date.getFullYear();
     var str_date = d_month + "/" +  d_day + "/" + d_year;
return str_date;

function setDates()
     var f_Date = document.getElementById("InsertRecordfirst").value;
     var first_Date = new Date(Date.parse(f_Date));
     var second_date = new Date (nextDate(first_Date));
     var third_date = new Date (nextDate(second_date));
     var forth_date = new Date (nextDate(third_date));
     var fivth_date = new Date (nextDate(forth_date));
<button type="button" class="cbSubmitButton" onclick="setDates()">Click me</button>

Please enter yours fieldnames instead of first, second, third, fourth, fifth in InserRecord constructions.

Also you can enter your text instead of "Click me".


I hope, it helps.

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