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Query String Passing Parameter, Results Page Not Taking It.



I have a results page that I'm passing a parameter with a Query String to another results page.  I can see the parameter is passing correctly because it is showing in the address bar, but it's not filtering per the Unique ID. 


When I preview my second results page it is asking for the parameter so I'm at a loss as to why it isn't taking it and showing all the records. 



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Hello Dschrepfer,


It should work :)

Please make sure that the name of parameter in your Query String and in your pre-defined criteria of your DataPage are the same. For example, "test" in a Query String and "[@test]" in the criteria. For example, "[@Test]" may do not work.


Do you use only one criteria for filtering?

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I think it isn't working because my first results list is pulling from a View and not accepting the data because it's named differently?


This is my query string:  <a href="http://b6.caspio.com/?Quote_ID=[@field:Quote_Quote_ID]">Delete Quote</a>


It's passing the parameter:  http://b6.caspio.com/?Quote_ID=92129 correctly, just not accepting it.

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Please make sure that in your Report DataPage you use the same Parameter on load. I mean "[@Quote_Quote_ID]"


And please make sure, that on the Search Type step:

- "Filter data based on your pre-defined criteria" is selected;

- "Allow parameters in search criteria" is checked;

- "Bridge and external parameters" is selected.


By default, "Bridge parameters only" is selected and parameters from a Query String do not work.


I hope, it helps.

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