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Calculate A Percentage




I am working with a report and aggregate functions.


I am trying to get a percentage toward a goal.


((COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT]) / (MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek]))

Should result in a percentage for completed QuotesFinished to QuotesFinishedPerWeekGoal, but it results in zero.


For diagnostic purposes I've checked the following formulas...


COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT] = 2 (correct)


(MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek])) = 10 (correct)


((MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek]) / (COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT])) = 500.00% (correct)


((COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT]) / (MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek])) = 0.00% (incorrect)


Can anyone spot what I'm doing wrong?


Thank You!

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Hello EIQ,


As far as I know, aggregate functions cannot work with several fields. I mean, COUNT_NON_BLANK [@tblActionLog_ActionCompletionDT]) / (MIN [@pUser_QFGoalWeek] is the same as COUNT_NON_BLANK / MIN and this formula is applied to all fields that are added to the right-hand panel.


If I understand correctly, the DataType of your pUser_QFGoalWeek field is Text255 or Integer. If you change the DataType to Number/General, the result should be 500% but note that values of the same field are counted as "non blank".

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