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Timestamp When Check A Field

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I have 4 person that must approve the record and I have manged to create a datapage where a specific user can see and check only the document and only the check where his name is there.
What I cannot manage to make it work is the timestamp as explained in this forum page:
function setTime(){

var v_chk=document.getElementById('InsertRecordFileName').checked;

First, I am not sure of the ' ' instead of the" ".
Then I am not sure of the onsubmit, or onchange that I should use. ( The form is originally submitted in another page)
I used to have a Yes/No type for my field QA_Approval, now I changed to Text fiedl as described in the topic above.
Simply nothing happens when I follow the explanation above.
I noticed that it would be great if I could simply put [@cbTimestamp] in the "value when checked" field of the Configure Page Field page.
Any suggestion?
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document.getElementById('EditRecordQA_Approval').onclick= function ()
{document.getElementById('EditRecordQA_Approval').value = "[@cbtimestamp]"}

document.getElementById('EditRecordQA_expert_Approval').onclick= function ()
{document.getElementById('EditRecordQA_expert_Approval').value = "[@cbtimestamp]"}

document.getElementById('EditRecordSubsystem_Approval').onclick= function ()
{document.getElementById('EditRecordSubsystem_Approval').value = "[@cbtimestamp]"}

document.getElementById('EditRecordPM_Approval').onclick= function ()
{document.getElementById('EditRecordPM_Approval').value = "[@cbtimestamp]"}


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