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Use Table Multiple Times In View



This might have to be a change in my setup, but basic question is can I use a table more than once in the same view?


I have two tables I'm discussing in a sales environment:  Agent and PaySetup.  Agent table is basic agent info with an AgentID.  The PaySetup table looks like this:


SaleAgentID - the Agent ID of who made the sale

PaidAgentID - the Agent ID of who gets paid when this agent makes a sale (this would be the agent him/herself and any managers, different record for each)

PayAmount - how much the PaidAgent gets


So the Agent table would be linked to this table twice normally, but I can't seem to get that to work in Caspio.  I guess I could set up a 2nd table which would just be PaidAgents and be 1 to 1 to the Agent table?


Anything I'm missing?  Thanks for any help.


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