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3 Tables Feed Into One




I have three tables each has an id and attribute (for example company and company id)

then I have one table which should receive the attributes from all three tables either by id or company. Once I enter information on each of the tables - I hope to see that it changes also child table with all attributes.


on example of just two tables :


Table 1 company id (autonum) and company name


table 2  to conclude all attributes :  location id (autonum)  location company id company(number) name


I have relationship one to many parent table 1 child table 1; but I do not see changes in table 2 if I change table 1 and I have to manually enter all data in table 2  because it is not being feeded from table 1.


I am not inputting data one by one by have to upload so I cannot use the submission form to pass the parameters I suppose.

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Just want to add to the previous comments above, Yes I think it is much better to use a view in joining tables if that works with your workflow. With that, you need to create a relationship between the 3 tables before creating a view. You can check this link on how to do that: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/relationships/creating-and-managing-relationships/



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