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How do I achieve the following:


Page footer HTML should ideally be at bottom end of physical screen even if amount of data on the page does not fill the screen consistent width of various objects / divs and also change them based on multiple screen sizes or device types get information on ideal image resolution for logo and footer branding that is consistent with Caspio UI Any method to do the equivalent of “include†in HTML blocks to enable maintainability of HTML code


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Hello Niranjan,


I am not sure, that it is the best solution, but you can select your "Footer" element, click the "Source" button and enter the following code (after your HTML):

<script language="javascript">
function autoResizeDiv()
var height_of_footer=100;
var correct_height = window.innerHeight - height_of_footer;
document.getElementById('caspioform').style.height = correct_height +'px';
window.onresize = autoResizeDiv;

Please, insert the height of your footer instead of "100" in the line

var height_of_footer=100;


I hope, it helps.

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