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Transfer Individual Cell Data From A Line In A Tabular Datpage





I have an App that, amongst other things, produces a Tabular Report Datpage.


This report comprises several columns of data and large number of rows (70+). Effectively it is a large spreadsheet.


What I would like to do, if possible, is for a user to be able to click on cell within that report and produce a report based on the data in that  row.


To explain further, assume a table of data showing events across the columns (e.g. days of the week). The rows consist of resources and the data therefore shows the availability of those resources for the days shown.




        Mon   Tue   Wed   Thu   Fri


A1     OK    OK   NO    NO    OK 

A2     NO    NO   OK    OK    NO

A3    OK     OK   OK    OK    NO


I would like to be able to select a specific resource (i.e. from one of the rows e.g. A2) and then use the resource number from that row (A2) to produce another form. Indeed, the user might want to do this for a number of resources down the page (ieg A2 and A3 separately.


Is it possible to do this within the Caspio System? If so, any suggestions would be very greatly received..






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Hello Alan,


If I understand correctly, you can try doing the following steps:

1) Create a Submission or Single Update Form (I am not sure, what you want - to add a new record or to edit the current record). This form receives parameters and auto submit the form.

2) Create App Parameter with the URL of this form.

3) Edit your Report DataPage, insert links that go to the Form and pass parameters:

3a) Delete fields like "OK"-"NO" and add an HTML Blocks instead of them.

3b) Edit HTML Blocks: click the "Source" button and enter the code like following:

<a href="[@app:SubmissionForm]&resource=[@field:resource]&day=mon">[@field:mon]</a>

<a href="[@app:SubmissionForm]&resource=[@field:resource]&day=tue">[@field:tue]</a>

<a href="[@app:SubmissionForm]&resource=[@field:resource]&day=wen">[@field:wen]</a>

<a href="[@app:SubmissionForm]&resource=[@field:resource]&day=thu">[@field:thu]</a>

<a href="[@app:SubmissionForm]&resource=[@field:resource]&day=fri">[@field:fri]</a>


I hope, it helps.

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