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Using Rule Sets - Form Fields' Values Not Passed To Data Table -- Bug





I have a form with 10 survey questions.


4 of the questions have "If no, please provide feedback" and then a new input text field appears under the initial radio buttons. I use the Rules to hide the Feedback Inputs until the radio button selection is made to trigger them to show.


For example:


Would you participate in the event again next year? If No - why not?

oYes  oNo


*If "No" is selected then a new field appears below radio buttons:


Provide Feedback:


  Text Area Input Box Here



Now, the bug -- When the Feedback Fields are made visible, and I then type something in them, the values of any of those 4 fields (that use the Rule "Hidden" function) don't pass the value(s) into the data table once a submission is made. No data is captured at all (for those hidden input fields only).


Am I missing something? Or, is this a known bug? Or, is this new?


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Thx and best Regards,



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Hello Geoff,


Could you please provide the URL of your page?

If the field is not displayed, its value is not submitted. But if the field is displayed, its value is submitted. I have checked this a couple minutes ago and the data was submitted. Maybe, there is some additional conditions.

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