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Front-End Suggestions For Large Bulk-Edits?



Hi, I am using a report that will make bulk-edit available.


Toggling Yes/No on 122 records on this report takes about 30 seconds, during which the user sees an hour-glass or spinning circle depending on their platform.


Can anyone suggest a way of providing a different experience? Such as, a redirect on submission rather than wait for a refresh?



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Hi aam82,


Do you want to edit records as an admin or you clients want to edit records with Bulk Update?


An admin can export the table, change values in Excel and import it back. I am not sure, that it will be faster, however.


Users can use Grid Edit - I am not sure that it is faster, but it is more... dynamic or interesting :)


I hope, it helps.

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I have been working on this for a while, but no progress.


I think a javascript that displays a loading gif on Update button click in Bulk Edit would be nice. I can't figure this out though. For one, the button doesn't have an ID, just a class and a value. I've tried to hack and paste several solutions, but none have worked.


Related: I found this Caspio article. http://blog.caspio.com/tech_tips/how-to-make-your-web-forms-load-and-submit-faster/


It says it's faster to submit to a table than a view. I tested it, and it's true. 3 times faster, in my case. It was tempting to just switch to a table, but there were too many tradeoffs. I must use a view.


If anyone takes a crack at a loading GIF script for Bulk Edits, I'm sure it would be widely used.

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