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Capturing Data From A Virtual Field (Virtual Field Is Used For Keyword Search Across Database)

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We are have created a two web page setup that allows us to do a keyword search across the database. The field in question is 'keywords', and is a virtual field. The challenge is, we would like to capture the search terms being entered in the 'keywords' field and save them to another table.


Is this even possible? We are getting stymied by the virtual field aspect - how to maintain it as a virtual field, but also capture the data entered there. 




Thank you!

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I think you should be able to adapt this to your needs:



It shows how to use a javascript to capture entries in virtual fields and copy them to a hidden field that gets saved.

so your virtual keyword search field is analogous to the "minutes" field in that thread, and the field where you are storing searches is analogous to the hidden "date/time" field from the thread.


Something like

document.getElementById('Submit').onmouseover = function(){
var storedkeyword = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual1').value;
document.getElementById('InsertRecordStoredKeywordFieldHere').value = storedkeyword;

where cbParamVirtual1 is your virtual search field

and InsertRecordStoredKeywordFieldHere is a Hidden field where you will copy the input to for storing.


Note that the table with the StoredKeywords is the one that must be editable in the View used on the datapage.

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