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Signature Field Requirements

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Hello ababcock,


I am sorry, I am not sure that understand you correctly.

A user enters a name (username?) in a field, clicks the "Submit" button and if the entered name is not the name of the logged user, alert message is displayed and a record is not added to the DataBase. Is it correct?


If I understand the logic correctly, maybe, you can use a Standard Feature "Stamp a Record with User Profile Data"?

Does it work for you?

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I was able to accomplish this by adding an HTML block after the Signature field and filling it with this:


document.getElementById('caspioform').onsubmit= function (){
var myname = document.getElementById('InsertRecordSignature').value;
if (myname != '[@authfield:User_List_Signature_Name]'){
alert('Not a valid name');
return false;
If a user tries to enter a name other than the one registered to them, they get the alert 'Not a valid name.'
I tested it out, and it works! Thanks!
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