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Access To Account Credentials/login Status



Hi -


I'm not sure what terminology to use, but will try to explain what I need. We are deploying Caspio pages on our own domain. I would like to able to add a javascript to our pages that will determine the login status and be able to retrieve account information for the currently logged in client.


-A customer comes to our web site

-logs in using Caspio system

-I want to grab the value of a field in the current visitors account table and then use this value to display content on the page that is outside the Caspio system.


I just need to understand if there is a way for me to know the login status and retrieve account info about the current visitor.


For example, can I do something like this?

On my caspio page:

<span id="account_identifier" data-value="<<caspio.my_account_identifier>>">


Where <<caspio.my_account_identifier>> gets the value of that field from the currently logged in caspio account.


Then on my page that includes the deployed caspio javascript code, I would want to do something like this:


var currCaspioAccount = $('#account_identifier').data('value');





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