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Increment A Counter On Submission

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Hello all,


I have figured out how to use the page view increment in a details page, but I wanted to update a counter on submission and don't see a similar element for selection.  Can this be done with a script?  I'm not much of a programmer, and had tried the following:


 function count()
   var i = parseFloat(document.getElementById("Count").value);
   document.getElementById("Count").value = i
Any help would be appreciated!
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Hello MrJason,


Welcome to Caspio forum!


A Details page displays the same record. So you can add a field to a table, and when the record is displayed, the value of the field is updated.

A Submission form creates a new record. Every time when a user clicks the "Submit" button, a new record is added. So the number of records is equal the number of submissions.


Does it works for you?


If you want to count how many times the webpage, where the Submission Form is deployed, is displayed you can deploy the second DataPage on the same webpage.

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