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I saw in this article that it is recommended to keep search forms short, and use an advanced search form if necessary. However, I could not find an article on how to link a simple search form and an advanced one together.


What I would like to do is to have a simple search form, with 3-4 fields, and a button/link that says "Advanced options" that will expand the search form to reveal maybe 10-12 fields. I do not want to have the new advanced search form open in a new page; I'd prefer that everything stay on one page for the user's convenience. 


Ideally, I would like one long search form that can collapse to 3-4 simple fields, and expand to reveal all fields if necessary. Is this possible? Thank you!

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Hello avaric, 


I have resolved the similar issue by using Rules on my DataPage. I have a Table with 25 or more fields, and  use only 5 as main and other in case if " More Options" Checkbox is selected by User. I have a field "More options" in my table with Yes/No Datatype.


Here are steps which might help you :


1) In your Table create a field " Advanced Options" with Yes/No DataType.

2) Create a new or edit your Report DataPage

3) On the Configure Search Fields   step of the DataPage create a new Section, say Section 2 . Put there all fields you want to be displayed  if User select " Advanced Options" CheckBox.


4) Make sure that "Advanced Options" field has Checkbox Form Element. 


5) On the same page select Rule Tab and add a new rule : 


Criteria Field :


If "Advanced Option"  is not checked


Action Field :


Hide Section 2.


Click " Save"


Now all fields in Section 2 is hidden until User selects " Advanced Options" Checkbox.


You can create more Sections and apply the same rule for each of them.


You can find a screenshot of the Rule Tab in the attachments. 


I hope this helps.




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