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Is It Possible To Calculate How Many Hours Were Spent?

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Hi everyone!


I want to add possibility to enter "start time", "end time", the start and the end of a break and to get the how many hours were spent.

It would be great to use separate fields for hours and minutes, and spinner controls for every field.


Is it possible?


I do not want to use Date/Time fields, just Integers.



Any ideas are very much appreciated!


Thank you for your time!

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Hi Cameron,


I am not sure that I understand your question correctly, but maybe the following code can help:

(you can add a Header&Footer element, select the Footer, click the Source button and enter the code)

function set_name(fieldname)
fieldname = "InsertRecord" + fieldname;
return fieldname;

function set_spinner(fieldname, maxValue)
document.getElementById(fieldname).setAttribute("type", "NUMBER");
document.getElementById(fieldname).setAttribute("min", "0");
document.getElementById(fieldname).setAttribute("max", maxValue);

/* Names of fields */
var start_hours = "start_hours";
var start_minutes = "start_minutes";
var end_hours = "end_hours";
var end_minutes = "end_minutes";
var break_hours = "break_time_hours";
var break_minutes = "break_time_minutes";

/* set spinner controls */
set_spinner( set_name(start_hours), 23);
set_spinner(set_name(start_minutes), 59);
set_spinner(set_name(end_hours), 23);
set_spinner(set_name(end_minutes), 59);
set_spinner(set_name(break_hours), 23);
set_spinner(set_name(break_minutes), 59);

function calculate_hours()
/* Names of fields */
var start_hours = "start_hours";
var start_minutes = "start_minutes";
var end_hours = "end_hours";
var end_minutes = "end_minutes";
var break_hours = "break_time_hours";
var break_minutes = "break_time_minutes";

var result = "hours";

/* get values */ 
var int_start_hours = parseFloat(document.getElementById(set_name(start_hours)).value);
var int_start_minutes = parseFloat(document.getElementById(set_name(start_minutes)).value);
var int_end_hours = parseFloat(document.getElementById(set_name(end_hours)).value);
var int_end_minutes = parseFloat(document.getElementById(set_name(end_minutes)).value);
var int_break_hours = parseFloat(document.getElementById(set_name(break_hours)).value);
var int_break_minutes = parseFloat(document.getElementById(set_name(break_minutes)).value);

/* calculate */
var total_hours = int_end_hours - int_start_hours - int_break_hours;
var total_minutes = int_end_minutes - int_start_minutes - int_break_minutes + total_hours*60;
total_hours = total_minutes/60;

document.getElementById(set_name(result)).value = total_hours;


Please insert names of your fields instead of main in both blocks "Names of fields".

Also I would recommend you to make all fields required, if any field will be empty, the code does not work.


I hope, it helps.

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Hi Cameron !


In my app I have a DataPage which shows how many hours Employee worked. I have created 2 LookUp tables named " Hours" (1-24) and " Minutes" (5,10,15,20,etc) , and one main table with following fields: 







Here are steps which might help you:


1) Create a new Submission Form.

2) Select following fields from the main Table:


  • Come_hour ( Dropdown Form Element)
  • Come_minutes( Dropdown Form Element)
  • Left_hour( Dropdown Form Element)
  • Left_minutes( Dropdown Form Element)


These 4 fields take values from the "Hours" and "Minutes" Lookup Tables


  • Worked_minutes ( Hidden Form Element) 


This field  stores worked time


3) Add the " Header&Footer" Element.


4) Insert the following script  into the Footer : 

function f_collectTime(){
		var v_arH = Number(document.getElementById('InsertRecordCome_hour').value);
		var v_arM = Number(document.getElementById('InsertRecordCome_minute').value);
		var v_deH = Number(document.getElementById('InsertRecordLeft_hour').value);
		var v_deM = Number(document.getElementById('InsertRecordLeft_minute').value);
		document.getElementById('InsertRecordWorkedMinutes').value = (v_deH - v_arH) * 60 + (v_deM - v_arM);

	var v_btn = document.getElementById('Submit');
	v_btn.onclick = f_collectTime;


5) Go to the Destination&Emails step of the DataPage 

6) Select " Display the message" form the Destination after record submit list.

7) Insert the following script in the message field:

Your work time is
var v_timeSpan =  Number('[@field:WorkedMinutes]');
var v_hours = Math.floor(v_timeSpan / 60);
var v_minutes = v_timeSpan - v_hours * 60;
document.write( String(v_hours) + ' hours ' + String(v_minutes) + ' minutes');

I hope this can help you .




Aurora :)

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