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Searching Multiple Database Records Using Multiple Fields





I am new to using Caspio and would appreciate some help building a form and report which searches across 4 language database entries (L1-L4). I need 9 language search boxes in 3 columns (this will be expanded later to allow more parameters). The logical connection between each of the four boxes in each column vertically is AND and the relation between the 3 columns horizontally is OR. For example, to find people in the database who speak English and German and/or Spanish (and any combination of these), would look like on the search form:


English                      English                    English                       


AND                            AND                         AND                         


Spanish     OR          Spanish        OR     German      


AND                             AND                        AND                        


German                 [no selection]             [no selection]           



I have built the form datapage using virtual fields to try to pass on to the report but I am struggling at this point. I can see that it is easy to have one search box searching records in L1-L4 using virtual fields, but not multiple search boxes searching multiple records in L1-L4.


I have already looked at the various tutorials and guides on the caspio site but I cannot work this out. 


My general query is: is this possible?

My more specific question is: is it possible to pass parameters from more than one virtual field to the report? More particularly, if, as in the case above, I have made no selection, can Caspio be told to ignore those fields for the purposes of the search?


Many thanks for your help



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In ore-defined report you can check " If empty, ignore criteria " in advanced tab. How is your table setting? Do you have one field to search for language?


If you have language in one column and you want to search for the column that includes for instance Spanish OR English, you can have one virtual field check box for each option on your search form. Write a javascipt to combine these values separated by OR on submit:

For instance:

  function concatenate() { 
  var position1 = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value; 
  var position2 = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual2").value;
  var allpositions = position1 + "OR" +position2; 
  document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual3").value = allpositions; 

And check to pass Virtual 3 to next page which is pre-defined report. On report page you should change Comparison Type which is Equal by default to CONTAINS

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