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Disable Submit Button Based On 2 Values Being Different



I'm using a details page to update a record in my table & on the details page are a variety of calculations that i've written to calculate "onchange" on the page.  Things are working properly, however now i'd like to disable the sumbit button if "Field_A" & "Field_B" do not match.  To add a layer to this, i'd like to know how to use an HTML block as one of these fields since it's where the calculation happens and i'd also like to know if i can have multiple criteria that disable the submit button.  I'm thinking that I need to assign a field name to the HTML block, however I don't know how to do that unfortunately.  How would the code for this situation be written?


"Field_A" value must equal "HTML block 22" in order for the submit button to be enabled




"Field_A" value must equal "HTML block 22" AND "Field_B" value must equal "Field_C" for the submit button to be enabled


I saw a topic on this question if a value is greater than 0, however nothing on how to change the 0 to a comparison between 2 fields.



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Hello zalipresents! 


I am afraid you can not use HTML block as a field because you can not take its values.


However, you can use the following script if you like to disable Submit button if Field A is not equal Field B : 


 function myFunction()
   var field_a = document.getElementById("EditRecordField_A").value;
   var field_b = document.getElementById("EditRecordField_B").value;

  if (field_a !== field_{

     alert("Field A is not equal Field B");
     return false;                     } 

document.getElementById("caspioform").onsubmit = myFunction; 

 I hope this information helps 



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Awesome, this will help a ton.  what if i wanted to recreate the formula that the HTML block is doing, how would I enter that?  Here is a summary example:



value 50



value 50



value 100


submit requirement:


need Field_A + Field_B to equal Field_C in order for the button to be enabled


make sense?  I'm just trying to see if a formula can be used in the javascript since an HTML block can't be...another option is I can have a duplicate field and tell the HTML block to display the result in that as well as the HTML block, however i'd rather not add anymore fields to my table unless 100% necessary.  Also i'll put all this in the footer right?



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Yes, you will put the script  into the Footer. Please make sure that the button " Source" is selected!


If i understand you correctly, you want to store formula's result in the HTML block ? If yes, then  Formula can't be used in JS as well , because JS works with fields IDs, and HTML block does't store the result, it just displays it. If you have a formula and store it in a separate hidden field (say Field D ), we can use then a value of a Calculated Field and use it in JS.


Let me know if this option is ok for you, I will help you with the script.




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