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Caspio Date Picker V Html5 Date Picker



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Hi Aurora,


Thanks, I checked the localization, it looks alright but it still not behaving correctly.


I removed the date picker and turned the form field into a standard text field so I could see what's happening, it seems there is an additional issue.


For example:


On the web page I'm forced to enter the date as 29/05/2015


When I read the date back to the page it is 05/29/2015


When you look in the table it is 05/29/2015


Caspio localization is set to English UK with default settings.



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Here's a workaround to flip the mm/dd/yyyy format (displayed) to dd/mm/yyyy


pasted into the footer:

function ukDateFormat (DateTxt) {
    DateVar = DateTxt;
    var DateVar = new Date(DateVar);
    var dd = DateVar.getDate();
    var mm = DateVar.getMonth()+1; 
    var yyyy = DateVar.getFullYear();
    var DateVar = dd+'/'+mm+'/'+yyyy;
    document.getElementById("MY_INPUT_DATE_FIELD_ID").value = DateVar;
ukDateFormat ('[@field:MY_CASPIO_DATE_FIELD]')

I will have another look to see if it fixes the date picker issue.

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The the resulting date from the above script displays perfectly in Chrome. 


However in Explorer we get NaN/NaN/NaN despite all attempts to force the date to a text string,


( NaN = Not A Number)


Is it possible to make the date to display correctly in Explorer?



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