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Limiting Search Results





I'm a newbie, only been working with Caspio for a few days.

I'm really sorry if this answer is elsewhere, but I have looked and looked but can't find it.


My problem is that I want to limit the results shown in a search return.


Essentially I have a y/n checkbox field in my table which is "It's OK to display this record in search results."


Then I have a few text fields, which I want the user to do an OR sort of search on.  (That bit is fine.)


I want the user to do a normal search, but only return records matching any of the other search criteria if the checkbox field is Y in that record.  And I don't want them to have to specify that it needs to be Y, it must be hidden. (As if they do that, then I suppose they could also choose N, and the records which should not be shown would be revealed.)  I will choose the Y or N for each record when entering the records into the database.


Thanks for your help.



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