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Possible To Color Code Rows By Group In A Tabular Report?

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Hi MikeP,


How are you?


I've written the code (you can add an HTML Block, place it the last element, click the Source button and enter the code):

Do not forget to change "id" in two places ([@field:id]) - enter the name of your field with unique value (usually it is a field with the Autonumber DataType) and enter your values in blocks "first possible value", "second possible value". You can use as many blocks as you want.

<div id="[@field:id]"></div>
var line_id='[@field:id]'; 
var number_records_per_page = 25; //Records per page

var line=document.getElementById(line_id).parentNode.parentNode;
var elems = line.getElementsByTagName("td");
var myColor = "";
var mybgColor = "";
var colorAll = false;
var comparisonText = "";

if(elems[0].innerHTML==" ")
   var isGroup = elems[0].parentNode.previousSibling.getElementsByTagName("td")[0];
   if(isGroup.innerHTML==" ")
      for(i = 1; i < number_records_per_page; i++)
         isGroup = isGroup.parentNode.previousSibling.getElementsByTagName("td")[0];
         if(isGroup.innerHTML!=" ") break;
   comparisonText = isGroup.innerHTML;
  comparisonText = elems[0].innerHTML;

//first possible value
if (comparisonText =="test"  || comparisonText =="test (Cont.)")  //enter your value instead of test
   myColor="blue"; //enter your text color instead of blue
   mybgColor="yellow"; //enter your background color instead of yellow
   var colorAll = true;

//second possible value
if (comparisonText =="test" || comparisonText =="test (Cont.)") //enter your value instead of test
    myColor="red"; //enter your color instead of red
    mybgColor="green"; //enter your background color instead of green
    var colorAll = true;

   for (var i=0, m=elems.length; i<m; i++)

I'll be grateful, if you tell me if the code works.

Have a nice day!

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