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I have the following code:


function CalcArrivalDate(){
    var v_LeadTime = document.getElementById("InsertRecordLeadTime").value;
    var v_ShipMethod = document.getElementById("InsertRecordShipMethod").value;
    var v_NewDate = new Date();

    if(typeof Date.today() != 'undefined'){
        v_LeadTime = (v_LeadTime ? Number(v_LeadTime) : 0);
            switch(v_ShipMethod) {
                case 'Ocean':
                    document.getElementById('InsertRecordStage7Completed').checked = false;
                    v_NewDate = Date.today().addDays(v_LeadTime + 37);
                case 'Air Priority':
                    document.getElementById('InsertRecordStage7Completed').checked = false;
                    v_NewDate = Date.today().addDays(v_LeadTime + 3);
                    var x = true;
                case 'Air Economy':
                    document.getElementById('InsertRecordStage7Completed').checked = True;
                    v_NewDate = Date.today().addDays(v_LeadTime + 6);
                    var x = true;
            document.getElementById("InsertRecordEstimatedArrivalDate").value = v_NewDate.toString('MM/dd/yyyy');


        console.log('Date Library is not loaded');


When the selection is made, the date changes correctly.  The 'InsertRecordStage7Completed', however, does not.  The debugging does not show any errors, so I am not sure where I went wrong.  I have tried 'document.getElementById('InsertRecordStage7Completed').value = True;', but still no luck.

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