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Formula In Tabular Report Loading Slower Than Molasses



Hi there good afternoon,


Can you suggest a javascript alternative to this SQL statement?  


(([@field:AnnualSalary]) - ([@calcfield:3])) / (([@calcfield:5]) - ([@calcfield:3]))



I have this on my tabular report, and it sure loads ever so slowly because of this. It is literally taking 20 seconds for the page to load. 


The calculation is a "range penetration".  It calculates how much someone's Annual Salary exceeds the minimum of the range, by determining how much it has penetrated through the range.  



Field 1 = AnnualSalary

Field 2 = RangeMin ([@calcfield:3]

Field 3 =  RangeMax ([@calcfield:5]


Please help. Thank you so much in advance. 













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Something like this

function salCalc() {

  var annSal = document.getElementById('EditRecordAnnualSalary').value;
  var calcF3 = document.getElementById('calcField3').value;
  var calcF5 = document.getElementById('calcField5').value;
  var answerEle = document.getElementById('answerElementID');
  var answerVal = (annSal - calcF3)/(calcF5 - calcF3)

  answerEle.innerHTML = answerVal;

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Hi Chad,


Your script works for my purpose, thank you a bunch. I made minor tweeks to make it fit exactly for me.


Also, I figured out a workaround using SQL Select and joining 3 tables internally.


My pages with SQL calculations (instad of scripts) now load a lot faster.



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