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Sql Syntax To Select A Value From A Lookup Table





I am trying to select a value out of a look up table separate from my main table.


I have a tabular report.


The SQL syntax that I have (below) works, but it selects only those with zero (0) value on the "RP" column. Anything more than zero, I get blanks. 


I actually thought this could help in showing specific values conditionally from a lookup table.


SELECT Percent_Matrix
FROM MatrixPayOut
WHERE YOS = [@calcfield:3] AND RP = [@calcfield:6]



Can you please help me rewrite the syntax? I would like to know if an inner join method is a better approach?


Thank you and Happy Holidays.



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Hi Iren,


Thank you for responding.


The formula for my calculated fields:


Calculated Field 3:

Datediff(year, [@field:Date_Hire],GetUTCDate())



Calculated Field 6:

[@field:Current_Salary] - ([@calcfield:8])) / (([@calcfield:4]) - ([@calcfield:8]))




The calculated fields 8 and 4, are both SQL SELECT syntax from a separate lookup table.

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I must add that the lookup table (MatrixPayOut) with columns, "YOS" and "RP" have the same exact matching values with the main table that I am using for my tabular report.


As you can surmise the values from my main table (Census) are generated using calculations.

I checked the rounding off format to see if that is causing the problem. But as far as I can see, the values generated out of the calculated fields from the table "Census", generate the same exact values and rounding off as the lookup table,"MatrixPayOut".


I hope I am making sense in this explanation.


Thank you,



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