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I Need Javascript To Check A Field Is Empty Or Not

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There is a table contains 5 file fields that users can submit files (images) to our table.


In the report form (details page), I set 5 html blocks to display them one by one with responsive tag (width=70%) and they displayed finally and responsively.


I showed them in this way.

<img src "URL" width=70%"/>


However there is a problem comes. I need some JavaScript code to check and decide if I execute this html code. Otherwise there is a img icon showed if there is empty in that field


If there is a file, it will be executed.

If there is empty, it will not be executed.


Could anybody help


Thanks. Sam

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Hi Sam,


How are you doing?


I think, you can insert the following code to your HTML Blocks:

var firstfield = '[@field:file1]';
document.write("<img src='[@field:file1/]' width=70%/>");
document.write("<img src='DEFAULT URL' width=70%/>");

Insert your field instead of both [@field:file1] .

For me, it's better to use a Parameter picker and use the String format for the first line, and "File URL" for the "document.write" line.


I will be glad to hear if the code works or help, if it does not :)

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