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Javascript: Multiple Correct Values?

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var today =new Date();
var signup = new Date( "[@authfield:Serial_Numbers_Last_Payment]" );
var renew = new Date( "[@authfield:Sheet1_Last_Payment]" );
var valid = new Date();
if (valid<signup)
document.location = "http://valid-sample.com";
else if (valid<renew)
document.location = "http://valid-sample.com";
/*Not Valid*/
window.location = "http://invalid-sample.com"

Hi all,


I'm using this script to validate a customers annual subscription status by date.


It works well, except a customer may have multiple dates (in my app, when a customer buys a standalone subscription or buys a new product w/subscription this makes a timestamp in my datatable), but my script is only interrogating the first date it finds and either validates it or invalidates it.


Lets say a customer bought a product 3/10/2015 and then buys another product on 3/11/2016, I want the script to look at the two dates and validate the latest date (3/11/16). Currently the script only seems like it is looking at the first date (3/10/15) and invalidating the subscription because it is over 365 days old. How may I change the script to allow it to keep searching for a valid date, if there is one?


Thanks for the help!



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