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Custom Js For Showing "record 1 Of 1" On A Details Page

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When there is only one record found on the Details DataPage, users will not see a record counter screen of "Record 1 of 1". The counter only shows when there are at least TWO records to show:




I need to find a way to display "Record 1 of 1" when it is applicable.


Can anyone point me to the JS I would need to do this?


I know it's probably pretty simple, but I'm kind of a JS newbie and I didn't see this issue solved anywhere else on the forum.

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Hello Frank,


Welcome to the forum!


I have written the following script. You can add a Header&Footer element, select the Footer element, click the Source button and paste the code:

var myTables = document.getElementsByTagName("table");
var onlyOneRecord = true;
var navTable = "";
for (i=0; i<myTables.length;i++)
   navTable = myTables[i].getAttribute("data-cb-name");
   onlyOneRecord = false;
if (onlyOneRecord) document.write('<center><span class="cbFormNavigationCell cbFormNavigationMessage">Record 1 of 1</span></center>');

You can change the code <center><span class="cbFormNavigationCell cbFormNavigationMessage">Record 1 of 1</span></center> as you want.


I hope, it helps.

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