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Hello all,


Thanks in advance for looking at this.


I'm looking for a clean way to refresh the data in a tabular search and report without reloading the whole page. I know that enabling AJAX in the Wizard allows the tabular report to use AJAX to filter and page through results without needing to reload the entire page each time. Reloading the whole page mandates that the user enter in all of the required search values prior to seeing the updated data. I am looking for a way around this.


I currently have a system that works where I have added a calculated field as the final column in my results table. In that calculated field I have already placed "GetUTCDate()" . I named the calculated field "Last Updated: (click to refresh)". Essentially this shows up as a column and displays the date and time the table data was loaded. Filtering by this column refreshes the data and updates the "Last Updated:..." field as well.


For me this solution currently does work, however I would be interested in a cleaner way of accomplishing this. Perhaps a method that does not require the use of its own dedicated column in the table is possible.


On a side note, the data that I am most interested in refreshing is another calculated field (SQL). This is relevant because (at minimum) I do not actually need the entire table to refresh if only there is a way to refresh these calculated fields.


Thanks again for bearing with me. I'm curious to see if others have had a similar problem or could use this solution that I currently have in place.



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Hey Chad,


First off, thanks for your response. I have thought about using two datapages but mainly for UI reasons, I have chose to stick with the standard search>results>details style. It may still offer the only solution yet for this so I certainly won't rule it out.


I do believe that some form of AJAX Scripting may be able to provide this sort of functionality but to be honest, it's not my forte. For example, it could even be impossible due to some Caspio restrictions that I just don't know about yet. 


I wasn't sure if someone had already come up with an simple AJAX solution for refreshing data (like the html reset button) or if someone knew confidently that something like this doesn't/couldn't exist.


I appreciate the help,



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Hi @codell,

As of July 12, 2018, Caspio introduced new features which you can find here: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-13-0/

This release includes a new feature, AJAX loading for all DataPages to improve the user experience and overall performance of Caspio applications. 

Check these videos for more information:


I hope this helps!

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