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Condition Dropdown Values

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Hi all. 


I am stuck with one question. How to select automatically value from dropdown based on value of other field. 


I have two date fields, and i want if 1>2, then dropdown= "Ready for shipping", if 1<2 , then dropdown= "Delayed", if 1=2 , the dropdown= "Delivered"


I appreciate any help. 



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 Hi Michelle !


I think I have some similar code. In my case there are 3 values - Done is # 1 in dropdown , which equals [0] in the script, Pending-#2 in dropdown and equals [1] in script, and Canceled-  #3 in dropdown, [2] in script. 


Here is the code: 


 function calculate()
var dropdown =(document.getElementsByName("EditRecordYour_Field1")[0]);

var date1 = new Date(document.getElementById("EditRecordDate_Field").value);

var date2 =new Date(document.getElementById("EditRecordDate_Field2").value);

if (date1>date2)

if (date1<date2) 

if (date1.getTime()===date2.getTime()) 





The script works when you change second Date field. 



Good luck, 



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