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Submission Form/Pivot Table Help

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I am currently attempting to make an event attendance submission form and am having some issues getting the form to recognize multiple UserNames correctly. What I need is that for all names entered, they are also associated with a points value. After each member obtains enough points, they get a price (gift card etc), and then be able to run a Pivot Table and see that Person X has X amount of points.

What I run into is that while on 1 entry Person 1 may be in UserName1 field for one event, they might be in a different field another time, so when I run the report, it doesn't combine them all entries for Person 1 into a single field. 

Perhaps I'm overthinking this, but basically I want it so that we can have up to 64 names submitted, all names submitted recieve the points value and then when I run a report for John D. I can simply type in John D and i see he has say, 120 points.




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As I understand you want to search for a value among all username fields for all records, if that is the case, you can create a separate search and in Configure Filtering Fields screen receive the same parameter you are searching for, for all Username fields. Comparison type would be OR between them

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Hi MayMusic,

I was hoping to have a Pivot table that has the Username on the left with their point totals on the right like below

John D                  120 points

Adam S                 75 points

John H                  10 points


My issue is currently each Username entry is a different field, so in the table there is Username1, Username2 etc. So when I do my Pivot table, it shows Username1, Username2 and it won't combine the points, so that if one entry had John D as Username 1, and then another entry he was Username34, it doesn't see those as the same person. I'm trying to find a way so that I can combine those into 1 field. I am just not sure how. I assume it's going to have to be a change in my submission form, just not sure how to do this.

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