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I have a form that has a dropdown with ten options (Program Areas) and 4 checkboxes. Depending on the checkboxes, I display a different Listbox. For instance, if the user marks all checkboxes, I display four Listboxes. Then, the user might need to select another Program Area, so I have again another dropdown with the 4 checkboxes. The user could even need a third one, or more. Is there a way that I can have an "Add" button, so if he/she needs a second, third, etc dropdown, the form displays it, instead of having a bunch of Dropdowns just in case they are need them? I am attaching an screenshot in case I am not being clear explaining the problem.




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You should include all in your page and then based on user selection hide the ones that are not selected, There has to be a virtual dropdown where they select how many areas they want, and then add rules: so if value is greater than 4 hide 5, greater than 3 hide 4, greater than 2 hide 3 ....



try this and see how it works !

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