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bit of help please



im new to all this website, databasey stuff and my request is too specific for google, let me give you a quick run down of what i am wanting to acheive,

people purchase serial numbers and insert them into the website and register their details with it, they can have 1 serial number or 1000 serial numbers, on my site i am wanting to incorporate a login system (which i think i have managed) and then when they login, and this is the bit i am struggling with, they will see tabbed pages, with their contact details which they can update, then there will be another tab with their serials numbers, which they can add, delete or update. I am struggling with this side, i could add the tabbed pages via google, but the  database of serials and the ability to edit and modify them is causing me a headache, i am not sure what datapages, tables i need to create with what fields, so when they login it will pull all the informatioin from the database and all be able to edit the database, i have set up a datapage so the user is assigned a unique ID, i am thinking this unique id is what is used to get the info of who owns whats serials..


sorry for the long question,

thanks, matt

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Hi Matt,


For me it sounds similar like real estate listings ready-made application. Agent can add and manage listings, update own profile...

You may review and request the app template here. You might want to built it yourself, in this case this training video will be useful.

Also you may check other templates here, probably you' ll find something interesting.



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