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Calculating and saving from virtual fields in details page

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<script type="text/javascript">
function calculate(){
var pm1 =
var pm2 =
var pm3 =
var pm4 =
var pm5 =
var pm6 =

document.getElementById("EditRecordTotal").value = pm1 + pm2 + pm3 + pm4 + pm5 + pm6;


There's my code, I don't know why it's not executing. I tried using the Inspect option in my browser and found this...


Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null

being called on this line

var pm1 =

The field is not null, so I inspected the field

I inspected that field and the inspector tells me the Id of that field is actually as follows:



So it seems a random set of characters is being added at the end of all my fields, making me unable to "getElementById" since I'll never know what the random set is going to be...


How can I either find out that random set or stop it from being generated? 


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Is Total is number field? If yes then you are concatenating texts and it is not getting saved to number field. To test you can add alert for instance before:


document.getElementById("EditRecordTotal").value = pm1 + pm2 + pm3 + pm4 + pm5 + pm6;



alert(pm1 + pm2 + pm3 + pm4 + pm5 + pm6);

at the beginning after function add alert("Inside Function");


See if you are getting the alerts and see what values you have in

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