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Autocomplete Validation

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Hi all. need help on this one...

is there a way to create an autocomplete with validation?

1) that is, if the user were to key in a name and this name is not found in the lookup table, they will be informed to find another name

2) even better, if the name is not found, it can prompt the user to add a new name to this table by pointing them to a new form to fill up

dropdown can serve (1), however, on mobile browsers, d dropbox element does not allow users to type in the first letters to get to the part which starts with those letters. my list is very long so it will be very inconvenient for my mobile user to scroll through the long list to find the name they want

Thanks. Hendry

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Yes you can add a cascading text field below and hide it using <table style="display:none;"> </table> . Set the cascading text field to lookup against the table using the entry field as the parent field. 

Then add a section below and html block under it with custom message.

Then setup a rule to hide the section w/message if the cascading text field is blank.

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