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Conditional Display Only Based on Database Field

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Just starting with Caspio to determine if it meets the needs for our project. Apologies in advance if this question has already been answered on the forum, but I have looked and can't find anything.

I have a simple user table (see attached). There is a column called 'EMail' and a column called 'CanEmailBeUpdated' (Y/N), the latter determining if the users email can be updated in a form.

I have created a single record update data page which displays the email field. I want to make the email field display only if the corresponding 'CanEMailBeUpdated' field is set to N. I have tried using Rules, but they only seem to work for editable fields (i.e. I would have to make 'CanEMailBeUpdated' editable on the form, which defeats the point).

Any ideas on how this should be achieved would be much appreciated!



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Good idea May. That is definitely the easiest approach, however sometimes rules are limited. If the rules don't work try a CSS & JS solution.

.UpdateRecordCanEMailBeUpdated {display: none;}

var canUpdate = document.getElementById('UpdateRecordCanEMailBeUpdated').value;
var emailEle = document.getElementById('UpdateRecordEMail');

if(canUpdate == 'Yes') {
  emailEle.style.display = "none";


tableUser.CanEmailBeUpdated must be a text field to have an ID = UpdateRecordCanEMailBeUpdated.

Set CanEmailBeUpdated with a dropdown with Yes and No as the only options.

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