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How to hide a name in a listbox

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Hello all,

How to hide a name in a listbox when the name is selected. (probably with java)


I have a listbox named "Test_Naam_Staff". In the listbox are (now) 4 names: (Willem, Thea, Vincent and Monique)

When I have selected a name and submitted, then I wish that the name not enymory can be selected. Like hide ore something.

See also: http://personeelsregistratie.weebly.com/Listbox_Names.html

Who can help.


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Yes, the names who are selected in the lisbox, must by hidden. Why? Normaly the in the listbox there are +/- 50 persons in the listbox.

I think, its verry handy when the listbox becomes smaller when people are selected and a person can not be selected twice. That's the purpose behind this all. Ore do you have another solution?


Ps: thanks for responding.

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Does what I say about using whatever you're changing as criteria to filter by make sense?


i.e. Maybe what is happening to a Person when you talk about selecting them is that the record in the Persons table has Field6 updated to "GoSeahawks". So then create a VIEW that has Field6 is NOT EQUAL to GoSeahawks. So, once you select a person, and update their record, they won't show up in the list box

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