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Self-Join Left-Outer



I've found an issue doing a left-outer self-join.  I can't get any criteria to work for what should be a simple left join; does anyone have any ideas?


One table, relevant columns are:

CID (Number) - ID number to join with other tables (other tables not relevant in this instance, relationship has not been defined in Caspio)
VID (Text[255]) - Name of the Vendor used
EndDate (Date/Time) - Date that the relationship with the Vendor ended

Let's have 3 people:
John Doe - CID 1
Billy Bob - CID 2
Fat Joe - CID 3

Table Enteries are as follows:
1, HR, *null*
1, Surefire, *null*
1, Vantage, *null*
2, HR, 01/01/2016
2, Surefire, 01/01/2016
3, HR, *null*
3, Vantage, *null*

Table should join to itself (left outer) with the CID as the relationship join. What I want to see is anyone with a *null* value for the HR end date and their corresponding Surefire information. View should populate as:

1, HR, *null*, 1, Surefire, *null*
3, HR, *null*, *null*, *null*, *null*

I can't get the criteria right to do this. When I restrict the criteria for the self-join to only join if the right table VID entry is "Surefire" it restricts all the results by that field. The view I end up with is:

1, HR, *null*, 1, Surefire *null*

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