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Auto populate fields on Child based on parent->child2



I have a fairly complex relationship (see attachment). tblJobs is the parent, it has a child of tblWorkOrder(One-to-Many). It also has another child tblInsert(one to many) In the attachment I currently have it mapped as a many to many relationship, but I could revert it back to a one to many(I was doing some testing). 

Here's the issue. tblInserts can have two variant of lifespans, either a date range, or a quantity which is used until 0. I need a way to automatically add the insert if it meets either of these conditions. ( DateOpened of tblWorkorder falls between the date range of tblInsert or If there is some quantity left, add it to the job until the quantity = 0. 

Anyone proficient enough in js to give me an example of a multi conditional oninsert script? 






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