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Check for Unique Value Before Submit




One of the first fields on my form needs to be unique (FieldA), and the form itself is rather long. If a user enters a value into FieldA that is not unique, they get an error message, but not until they try to submit the form. How can I have the the error message ("Value already present") appear as soon as the user clicks out of that field - using onblur in javascript, for example -  rather than waiting until the user hits the submit button?

I am trying to prevent users wasting time filling out the entire form so that they are alerted of the error immediately upon entering the non-unique value. Thanks so much for the help.

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Hi Karen, you may create a multi step registration workflow. First user enters some basic info in the submission form, on this step you may check if the value is unique in the Field A. After submission redirect user to the update form where he will be able to fill out all other fields.


I suppose this article will be useful.




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