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Plus symbol received as white space



Hi everyone,

I pass parameters in query string from one datapage in another. There is a problem with passing + in the phone field. The + always replaces with white space. 

I found this topic: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1005676/urls-and-plus-signs

It seems that I need  to use java script code to fix this issue.

Can anyone help?


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Hi Mylene, 

You may replace a white space with '+'.

Add header/footer to the submission form, disable html editor in the footer and add the following script:


 function concatenate()
   var x = document.getElementById("InsertRecordYour_field").value;

   var y=x.replace(" ","+");
document.getElementById("InsertRecordYour_field").value =y;



You need to replace Your_field with name of your field. Also please note, the plus (+) will be added onsumbit event, so on the form you will see phone number without plus, however value will be saved with + in the table. 

Hope it helps!

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