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2 Questions About Authentication and Website Load



Developing an application that uses the Caspio API and facing weird issues with caspio api.For 3 days, I'm not able to understand the issue. 

I have posted many articles on different forums, but no good answers. Right now, I am getting 400 Status code message on implementing the solution. What is going wrong in the solution?

I am doing authentication using CASPIO below:
As an alternative to including credentials in the request body. I am including credentials in the body. Right now, a client can easily use HTTP basic authentication. In my method, I am following the following way of authenticating:

Method in PHP: Post
URL I am trying to use: Endpoint
Body of the code: access_type = login and password of client



var Currentfuncuser = "clientID";
var funcuserPass = "secretKey";

function authenticatetheUser(funcuser, funcuserPass)
    var authtok = funcuser + ":" + funcuserPass;

    // Should i be encoding this value????? does it matter???
    // Base64 Encoding -> btoa
    var currentH = btoa(authtok); 

    return "Simple" + currentH;

function CallingtheAPI() {

    // New XMLHTTPRequest
    var newXMLRequest = new XMLHttpRequest();
    newXMLRequest.open("POST", "https://xxx123.caspio.com/oauth/token", false);
    newXMLRequest.setRequestHeader("Authorization", authenticatefuncuser(Currentfuncuser, funcuserPass));  
    // view request status
    response.innerHTML = newXMLRequest.responseText;


<div id="response">

<input type="button" class="primary" value="Simple API Call" onclick="javascript:CallingtheAPI;" />

Solutions tried:
Someone told that you need oAuth authentication protocol rather than simple authentication. After that have to set 'setHeaderRequest', with changes. 

Another Issue:
I am handling some clients websites. And when, I tried to work with maps API, which are currently telling the locations of the bases. And also, multiple zoom-in maps on the directory pages, but the pages are loading slowly. Example, militarybases.....navy-base-kitsap-navy-base-in-silverdale-wa/ contain only 1 map. And I want to host multiple maps(which is necessary in order to show the clearly zoomed-in location). It is the test phase, if successful. I have to integrate the full site. 

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Hello JoellaLoge,

As far as I know, in the body of the request should be  the following text:

grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=Client ID&client_secret=Client Secret

You can see details in the article:



When you say about maps, do you mean map mashup?

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