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Running form character count?

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Odd situation.  I have a form whose results will be send via email but ALSO via a pager.  Pager has a 240 character limit.  All the form data makes it to the email notification, but gets truncated to the pager.  Despite having abbreviated all the field values as best we could depending on what dynamic questions get answered we run out of space.  Is there a way I could display a total characters used for the Notification Email fields being sent?

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Thanks for the reply!  This might be a good start.  But in this example, the characters to count are hard coded into the page (HelloWorld).  I would need to have it count all characters entered into form fields.  So  

var str = "Hello World!";

would have to somehow be

var str = "ANY entry or selection into any field gets counted ";

A Yes/No or other radial button selection also gets a registered value and gets sent to the pager and email, and would have to be counted as well.  And I cant figure that out.  ;^)  

How much to consultants charge per hour? 

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