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Adding newline into text fields



Is there a way to WYSIWYG the column contents in text fields. I have a text field that is defined as a text(64000) but cannot seem to render it correctly formatted along with newline. I tried various ways but it displays the newline character like '\n' as is.  I am mainly trying to split contents into 2-3 different paragraphs but it shows up as a single long paragraph.

It is for the Header field in the Search and Report results. I understand that we can use HTML Blocks for the rest.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions or solutions.



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I kind of figured this out. You do this by storing the Caspio Table column in HTML format itself, but is inherently a text datatype field. This will enable you to format the text as is. Then you can display it in the Search and Report results as HTML (not the default) and it will be displayed as formatted for the most part. 

However, there is an issue. This HTML display format messed up unrelated data that is displayed on the webpage formatted as a table and stripped it out. I see my resultant table simply displayed as a line without any of the surrounding table formatting. Any clue why this may be happening?

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