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Creative Authenticity Field Setup



Curious, can anyone thinking of a way to accomplish this task?


My app has team projects and I only want the people that are members of each specific project to see the data table contents. 


I have gotten it to work by creating a new authenticity login, that contains a code that is specific to each project. The only problem is the user has to re-login to each project because the code is different. 


I cant really narrow by having a criteria in a view, at least I don't think, because new projects will be created daily, each containing a variety of members. 


I am trying to do this and make it more fluid.




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Im not exactly sure , what the setup is 


If the "projects" is  stored as data in a  table and the users are in a separate table, 

The access to specific projects should be solved by record level access ( data pages /reports )

 - only certain users can see their own data.

which means only authorized users can see certain projects.


The authentication should not be the criteria -  for viewing specific data for specific users 

The authentication only -  restricts access to pages & reports.


Record level access restricts a  logged in specific user to specific data.


This requires planning , designing and setting up the tables correctly .

It seems like the solution  lies in creatively re-arranging your entities (users and projects) in planned tables.


My 2 cents. Hope this helps.


Best ~




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Thank you. I'll have to put my thinking cap on some more. I tried record level, but it was limiting the user to seeing one record, their own, and I need them to see everyone else's data (project Forum, users list, file upload, Ect). But maybe you are right and I need to play more with my tables and views. 

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I ended up removing the new authentication table and going back to my main authentication.


Then I added a field that holds all user ids in my project table (I added JavaScript in my datapage to combine all userids already added with any new users to the project). Then I added a search of that field with a Contains (userid) search  to ensure the members userid is present in the project. The brackets around userid are in the table and search function so a userid that is short won't find part of itself in the table, such as a userid of 1 would be found if someone's user is was 100. So it searches for (1) so it will only find (1) if it's present, if that makes sense.  




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That sounds great. 

Looks like you created a " 1 to Many " Table Relationship :  

Parent (User) - Child (Projects) Relationship which makes sense.

1 (User) -to - Many (Projects) Relationship.

By creating this relationship, a user Id would be stored with  each project in the Projects table.


If multiple users can be in and have multiple projects,

or in other words a single project CAN have multiple Users,

then you would require a many-to-many relationship.

Example : 3 Tables (Many to many)

Users >> UserProjects << Projects


Im guessing what your trying to do is:-

1)Only Some of  your users would have a "Managerial" role,

-A Manager is one who can view ,edit and access everybody elses records and stuff .

2) When This Manager User logs in , he would interact with all projects in the table.

Others would not.




Since there are 2 types of Users 

a) Can login in and search and manage only their own Projects ( Role : Basic)

b )  Can login and search, view,  and manage everybody elses projects  (Role : Managers)


If there are many features besides just a search that makes the users experience different.

Then I would recommend Re-Directing the logged in User based on His "Role"





Best ~













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