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Display values instead of numbers for multi-select listbox

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I have a submission form DataPage with a multi-select listbox field. I would like the values the user selects in that field to be passed into the notification email. Currently, only numbers representing the values display.

This is the parameter in the email: 
Profession : [@field:Profession]

This is what it displays in the notification email:
Profession : 4,5,6,53

I would like it to display this:
Profession : Accountant, Actor, Agent/Manager, Artist

Is this possible?

Thank you.




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What would be different about this new list string data type?

To be clear, the current "Professions" list string data element in the table is not numbers, it is values I have manually added (Actor, Artist, Accountant, etc). I did not set up the data in the table with number values, they are being assigned, and that's what's getting pulled through into the notification mail. I'm not sure how I would construct a new list string data type so that the parameter that comes through is the value and not the assigned number. 

Attached screenshot shows the current "Professions" list string data element in the table along with the named values I have set up for it.

Vitalikssssss in the Parameters forum said that "9.7 release did not enable parameter usage of List datatype," so I'm assuming there is no solution here, but let me know if I'm not understanding your suggestion.


Professions list string datatype.jpg

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